Getting back on Track in the midst of the Holidays

Getting back on Track in the midst of the Holidays

As hard as it sounds that is exactly what we want to do!

Get on track right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Holiday shopping and Holiday parties.

That does not mean that you can not enjoy yourself!!!

It is quite the opposite it means that you give yourself grace to enjoy your Holidays without guilt self loathing and condemnation until January 1st!

We want to be Healthy for the Holidays and beyond!!

So here are a few tips to getting back on track in the midst and not after the Holidays!

1 . Remember  that if you are following trim healthy Mama , and even if you’re not get back on track( 3 hours for mamas and papas)Just because you indulged in aunt Suzie’s cookies or pawpaw helms Peanut Candy doesn’t mean that you throw the Entire day or Week out the window!!!!

Enjoy your treat!!! Then get right back on track!! Don’t succumb to eating a bag of chips , or 3 pieces of pie or finishing ALL the leftover dressing just because you had a Holiday treat!

Enjoy your treat ! and then say NO! to the voice telling you to eat another piece of pie, an extra plate of food etc… Say NO! to the voice telling you that you defeated your plans to be healthy! You did not! Get back on track!

2. Carry Snacks that are easy to stay on track like almonds or nuts or protein bars( buy them DON’T make them … we want easy right now!)

3. At home keep quick and easy protein sources available that can go with anything Low fat cottage cheese , Zero greek yogurt and boiled eggs ( If you are a trim healthy mama or papa and need an E or FP protein Boiled yolks can be removed and saved for salads )

Right now we are keeping things as simple as possible to get through.

I will be making menus with leftover turkey , but we are NOT adding to our agendas now, we are making things EASY!!

SOOO Take that leftover turkey (2-4 cups ) and wrap it tight in saran wrap and put the wrapped turkey in freezer bags.

I will be posting upcoming menus with that leftover turkey incorporated into the menus over several weeks, I mean even us frugal mamas and papas done eat to eat leftover turkey for 2 weeks straight!!!

Have a Blessed Christmas

Keep your eyes open for upcoming menus including Meal planning while returning to work .

We all know menus are the keys to staying on track and budget!!!



Here is another nifty Idea to save your time during the busy Holidays Have your groceries and gifts delivered to your door !!!

We have gifts delivered right to  of our kids and grand kids too!!! No extra shipping fees!!!

You can always try it for free during the Holidays and then cancel before the paid subscription starts 😉

LOVE Prime for the Holidays