Healthy Pistachio Milk Shake sugar free and low carb thm s

birthdayHealthy Pistachio Milk Shake sugar free and low carb

I don’t know about you but I love love love pistachios pistachio pudding pistachio ice cream pistachio gelato pistachio shakes pistachio just plain pistachios !!!pistachio bag
They have a wonderful unique flavor all their own.
I guess It is possible that some people could not like pistachios, but I just can not fathom that in my own head.
 I am sure there are some people out there.. somewhere in the twilight zone… lol.
My youngest daughter and I both are pistachio lovers, pistachio freaks, pistachio connoisseurs  Haha Well maybe not connoisseurs really, but we do really like our pistachios!
There is just something special unique and wonderful about pistachios and for some reason they’re more desirable and palatable in the summer to me.
I’m not sure quite why that is? Am I alone here or do other people crave different foods in the summer months?
Pistachios were on sale this week and so I bought some, of course!pistachio bag
And as I was eating them and I started craving something sweet.
Some low carb pistachio sweetness. That is how this recipe was born.
Without further delay .. here’s our recipe a wonderful summer healthy pistachio Shake. Sugar-free gluten-free carb-free good for you and if your trim Healthy Mama this would fall into the satisfying category fuel sources! Whew a mouthful!pisTACHIOS SHAKE4

Healthy Pistachio Milk Shake sugar free and low carb


2 cups almond milk

1/2 ricotta cheese
1/2 cup baby spinach  (gives green color and boosts nutritional value)
1scoop whey pristine protein powder
1 tsp thm super sweet
3-4 ice cubes or more for desired consistency
Handful of pistachios (maybe 1/3 cup? Or more as desired)


Blend well on high powered blender and  enjoy. You’re welcome! 🙂
That’s It! That easy! Now you have a glass of yum ready to enjoy!
 If you make it, Please let me know how you like it!!
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