Menu week 2 Feb 24 8 week Challenge


Field of greens omcake pg240

Hash and Eggs

Going banana Shake

Brownie batter overnight Oats

Choco Big Boy Smoothie pg415

Egg white cups


Salmon pattie or nuggets pg 176

Deep S Salad loaded with fp veggies sliced eggs with home made Ranch dressing

Mediterranean chickpea Salad

Gwen’s Bread pizza

Chicken breast strips grilled in a lettuce wrap

HUGE Salad with fp veggies tuna braggs aminos and apple cider vinegar

Salad with chopped eggs , bacon and home made ranch


Skinny chocolate pg377

eggnog shake

lemon curd filling


Earthmilk(book) pg 402

chocolate chews( book)pg 382

cantaloupe with lowfat cottage cheese

1/2 banana with lowfat cottage cheese

watermelon protein shake

apple with teaspoon peanut butter

collagen berry whip pg375

skinny chocolate truffles pg384

sheri graham fp brownies

Coers family peanut butter blondies


Chicken Perlo and green fries (book)

Grilled Steak  Creamed collagen spinach from the cookbook caulirice for me and baked potato for hubby

Baked chicken Salad

Cowboy grub pg59

melt in your mouth chicken

Sharie’s Jam Chicken

Asian Spiced chicken Peices  

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