Joy filled eats dump cake modified


Taryn( Joy filled Eats) has this awesome pumpkin dump cake recipe  that I have been wanting to try, but since I made Nana’s Little KitchenPumpkin Syrup yesterday I did not have a enough pumpkin. actually made a double batch of pumpkin syrup which left me with only 1/2 can of pumpkin pack. Not quite enough to  make the dump cake… dilemmas

Ah… light bulb.. I just made apple butter (recipe here)

(well actually pear butter) that is THM friendly. It has a lot of yummy fall cinnamon spice like pumpkin pie.

Well i poured the pear butter into the can and topped it off.

Now I have a whole can 1/2 pumpkin pack 1/2 pear butter.

So I thought I will sub 3/4 cup coconut milk for the almond milk and cream. ( I am trying to conserve my almond milk, I go through alot of it and I had extra coconut milk)I really like coconut milk ,so it is worth a shot.

Working along I realize that I did NOT follow directions. (I was blissfully distracted by audio correspondence class.)

I dumped everything in together and not in layers as Taryn clearly instructed. I am getting a little concerned at this point that it might not rise well with the goof, so I added a tsp of baking powder.

The smell in the house is magical! I think I like Taryn even more than I di prior to baking this. ( I liked her a lot prior BTW)

Again I am not following directions( I do not recommend this as a habit)

but I am not letting it cool I am eating it with my coffee NOW and getting back to my class.

( In all fairness we left the house to go to church this morning, yes on a Friday, and I did not eat breakfast or lunch. *I also do not recommend this on THM) So there you have it today I am breaking all the rules and enjoying every bite.

My modification you can taste the pumpkin, but it is not strong like pumpkin pie. Perfect for my house ! My hubby is not big on pumpkin so this works great for me!

Thank you Teresia and Taryn!

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